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Thanks for Your Interest in our Ice Cream Carts on Tricycle. We are a Artesanal Firm and we produce in Italy  Ice Cream Carts, also with personalization.  Clicking on the links (on the Left side of the page), you will find information on all the ice cream carts that we produce, their prices and our activities. You can learn more about what we do and what we can do for you.

This site will allow you to know better how to decide which is the best solution for Your Ice Cream Business,   and you can enter at any time contact us for more information.

Ice Cream Corner outside from Your Shop

An Ice Cream Cart on Tricycle Cargo Bike, can be a viable showcase outside your Ice-cream Shop and has great power to intrigue passersby.

It also has the advantage of being able to move independently around a district and sell Ice Cream where there are more passing potential customers.

The tricycle that you see in the picture is the Ice Cream Cart OMAR 6 Flavors and work with Battery for almost 10 hours in complete authonomy. The front Freezer is made in Fiferglass and it's very light and easy to pedal. The  freezer can hold 9 stainless Steel Cylindrical Buckets tubs with 7,5 Lt.

 It works independently connected to a 220V power outlet (while charging the batteries), but during the traveling function, works in batteries for about 10 hours, depending on the External temperature. It's equipped with sink Hand Washing with clean water tank, and Recovery Tank for gray water.

This  solution is ideal for those using the tricycle as both External Freezer Showcase in front of Your Icecream Shop or Bar and then, in some moments of the day, comes out in itinerant way just for some hours.

An Ice Cream Bike Cart can be also a grat idea for Creative Ice Cream Franchising.

How to Chose the most Suitable Ice Cream Cart for Your Needs

When You are choosing an Ice Cream Cart is important to make a rational choice, not only based on the aesthetic factor, but mainly on the functional.

It 'important to decide whether you want to use it, mainly so Static in front of your store, or if you want to mainly use it outdoors in itinerant manner and in complete autonomy (for example  without the possibility of having the 220V Plug). Obviously the Static tricycle with autonomy of 1 or 2 hours will be a cheaper  solution, it will have a lower price because it does not have a Special Compressor 12V , no battery, no battery charger  and so on.

If you would rather be traveling for about 8/10 hours , the Ice-Cream Cart will be equipped with  batteries which require about 8/10 hours to recharge. For to mantain the Tricycle at a Light Weight, the Freezer have to be made in Fiberglass and must have a Very Good Quality Complessor, working both with 220/110 Plug and as an alternative with 12V.

For Very High Autonomy (up to 10 hours or more), we use special batteries.

 Our handicraft company Cargo Bike, with the help of a specialized company in the freezer, has developed a tricycle with a freezer LIGHTWEIGHT with Fiberglass Insulated body and compressor battery, which can arrive at a range of over 10 hours. This tricycle is light weight and easy to handle and particularly suitable to move effortlessly. We are talking about OMAR 6 model, that you can find by clicking on the link to our catalog with prices. This tricycle is very light and independent.

As for the  cooler, we strongly reccomend don't use a glycol freezer although these kind of freezer  are the favorite in the world of Ice Cream (rightly because they are the most professional solution). The  glycol Freezer have the big problem of being very heavy. They can weigh almost 400 kg (against the 130 of a ventilated Showcase fridge. A  glycol Freezer has such a high weight which makes it impossible to move more than a few hundred meters and generate big sollecitacion to the frame of  tricycle, causing possible mechanical failure over time. There is a big difference between riding in. 400 Kg or 200 Kg (Freezer + batteries). For this reason, we at Cargo Bike, assemble on our Ice cream Carts  always Ventilated Freezer and  not glycol Working.

These suggestions mainly concern what kind of Freezer take on your Ice Cream Bike. Then customization or aesthetics are a different matter, and we can give an attractive look to your ice cream tricycle, having so many ideas available on how to customize the Cart. These ideas can be found on our CATALOGUE CARRETTI ICE CREAM (click here to see models and prices).

Even the choice of the Mechanics Base  (the tricycle or bicycle to 3 wheels) is very important, and for more about this read the section here .

The Tricycles using CARGO BIKE to achieve Carretti Gelato, responding to the features described here in the next Suggestion

How should be the Tricycle Suitable as base for an Ice Cream Cart

Another important aspect to consider when purchasing an Ice Cream Cart, is the robustness of the Frame of Mechanics Base . So let's say a little provocatively, that Work Tricycles  should be STRONG and HEAVY. Compared to City-Bike bicycles  or Mountain bike, which often have a lightweight aluminum frame, for a tricycle that need to be loaded  with heavy Freezer, a Steel Frame is safer. In fact, the frame's steel tubes , under stress, have an optimal  Elastic answer respect  the more fragile aluminum tubes, which also more suffers  the temperature between Summer and Winter. In addition, the steel frame is much easier to weld and then, if necessary, any Blacksmith can more easily perform changes.

Another important aspect to consider is the type of wheels assembled on the Cart. Check that on your cart there are not simple bicycle Wheels , but it needs Big Steel rims  , with Tyres for Motorcycles and Front Disc Brakes . The rear disc brake does not help much, because the weight is distributed on the front axle braking, so  it can also have a Rear  V-Brake .

It 'important that the  Ice cream cart's Mechanics Base  should be a tricycle with  very geared down pedaling  and definitely a good but Simple gear.

Another important equipment  is an effective hand brake for parking.

As regards the possibility to mount a Electric kit  for Assisted Pedal, it is important that motor is the Central type,  that works directly on the axis of the pedals, so that it can take advantage from the gear ratio of the transmission. An Electric  kit nserted in the hub of the wheel is not suitable to move a Tricycle with weight exceeding 250 kg and, having internal gears made in Teflon (a Plastic material ), if used for a long time will suffer greater , in addition can be stressed in the phase of departure.

In light of all this information, you are now ready to make comparisons between the various ice cream carts on the market. Please note that in any case, our CARGO BIKE models, meet all these features which we have spoken.

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Tricycle with Strong Demultiplex easy to Ride

The Tricycles on which we prepare the Ice Cream Carts are very robust to be able to load the weight of a Freezer full of Ice Cream and then move on paved floors like those of the historic centers.
With a tricycle that has a strong demultiplex, it is not necessary to mount an electric pedal assist kit.

Watch the video of Nonna Bruna who tests the Tricycle Cargo Bike, with 300 Kg of load and without an electric kit